Good Feeling :D

Ah.. what a day :D
Had a hangout with a special person whom I adore, bought a brand new guitar, and had a homemade steak for dinner. xD

Life seems so perfect now, isnt it?
How I wish I could keep this feeling everyday :D
And I'd certainly love a good life like this too. :)

Speaking of good life, there's a song that I'd like to share, it's called, yeap, you guessed it, Good Life which is originally sung by One Republic :D

It's a really good song that can change one's perspective on life :)
Included here is a cover that's been sung by Youtube Artists Megan Nicole and Alex Goot :D

So yeah, do check it out. It's a really good song.


Plants Vs. Zombies :D

Heya guys, we meet again :D

I'm pretty sure that you all know the game called Plants vs. Zombies. It's a very popular strategy game that has caught the eyes of many gamers around the world. This tower defense action game is developed and originally published by Popcap games for the Windows and Mac OS X. Basically, you use plants to battle and defend your fort against the zombies. The zombies come in various kinds, and it's quite funny to notice that they are really unlike their violent and original counterpart, which is the real zombies that we have heard so much about. But their aim is always the same, get the BRAINS xD

And plus, we're not controlling humans and creating zombie massacres in the game. Instead, we have to use a bunch of plants (sunflowers, pea shooters, mushrooms) to counter-attack them. Their designs are obviously ridiculous, the plants are cute and peace-loving, and the zombies are idiotic looking and only cared about brains and trashing the whole area. But nonetheless, it's a pretty fun game, but it could be tense sometimes.

I'm in a good mood today, so I'd like to share a link to download this awesome game.

Click on the discription and click Windows if you use Windows (Mac is only for Macs okay?)
You will be redirected into a LinkBucks website, which you'll have to wait. After the countdown ends, well, you know what to do :)

Have fun downloading! :D

Oh btw, if the game doesnt work, do comment :)


That One Person

Heya, it's been a long time since I last updated my blog. So much has been going on in my life, and yeah, it's pretty hectic for a nearly 17 years old teen like me. But I do realise one thing, although my age appears to be increasing (apparently my physical and mental state too), but my love for things I used to adore during my childhood, always stays and never leaves me behind. Things like my favourite anime (Dragonball FTW) is always on my Youtube recommendations. I can't help it, I loved the series so much. They should've did a remake of the whole series.

Ok, I started crapping again. Gahh.

I wanted to share my personal life about a girl whom I met during my teenage life. She's a fun-loving girl, extremely friendly, and gorgeous + hot. She used to be my personal favourite bad girl, but the 'evil' within her has gone bit by bit ever since she went into hostel and getting stuck at home during this holiday.

It all started in a local tuition centre. She's kinda famous in that place. And plus, I dont even know her in the first place. But as time goes on, I begin to know much more about her, thanks to my buddies there. But I'm still afraid to even say a word to her. Because I know that she wont reply to a total stranger. But yea, I waited until the time comes.

And the day came. After a bit of introducing and conversing, we sort of became good friends. And after being friends for nearly 2 years, we became best friends. She's certainly fun to be with, plus, with looks that could kill, it's kinda suprising to think that she's such a down to earth person. And I'd always love to go out with her. She's veery different from the other girls that I know during this 16 years of living in this world, in a very good way.

She's now in a teknik school breaking her sweat over civil engineering. Boy, she's so hardworking.
With an effort like that, she can surely score a straight A's in her SPM. No doubt about it.

Oh, and she's very good in her English too. Veryy fluent.

Apart from all this, maybe destiny has wanted us to meet, because we both have very much in common. And she's also one of the people who played a major role in my life. And that's why, she'll remain with me as somebody that I could trust. Always. :)

The person I am talking about, is my friend named Maisarah Shaari. And I think she'll be glad if she read this. You rock, girl :D