The Biggest, Fattest, Massive-st (If only there's a word like that), Baddest EXAMINATION Of ALL. Enter S.P.M.

It's been a while, right guys? If this blog is an actual living place, by this time it is probably manifested with cobwebs, piles of dusts, and all those things that can cause sneezing and other sickness gradually. Yeah, I do notice that my last post is during the first week of Fasting Month, and since then, I've been too lazy to blog just about anything.

To add in the tension, we are force-fed with countless homeworks consisting of trial papers from other states and high standard schools. Tak menang tangan dibuatnya. I swear if this thing keeps going on for more than two months, mau pengsan semua orang nanti.

Either way, who am I to question the teachers efforts? I tend to become unappreciative at times, but seeing our teachers put a lot of deeds just to see us succeed and prevail in this biggest exam of all. Even so, I can't help but feel grateful to have such people who can sacrifice everything, not just our parents, but teachers as well. Admit it, having these people around already makes you lucky enough.

After the trials, I got separated from my initial class, which is 5 Al- Razi, which means I got separated from my friends as well. This new class I'm in, I do like it very much. It's a different experience altogether to have oh-so-talented-and-wise-brainiacs sitting next to you. As a result, group discussions have become a lot more productive, for me at least, aside from the constant babbling, merepek-ing and laughing like mindless idiots every 5 minutes or so for each sessions as a matter of fact.

So yeah, apart from being in the most noisiest group that possesses the most hysterical laughters of all time, I can't help but feel a little bit lost on the inside. A part of me has gone somewhere, the same exact part which longed for his old class back. It's just so different, being in this kind of environment, while knowing that you used to be in what people call as the last class.

Prove me wrong, I can show you that many in our class is actually even smarter than the upper classes. A fact that can't be denied in any way. We didn't choose to be in here, but we do believe that everything that has happened does have its own reasons, whether good, or bad for us. God has His own reasons in doing that.

Often used to people looking down to the inhibitants, some of us even go as far as maintaining a healthy challenge in terms of academics while trying to close the gap between others. Turns out, its just a matter of persistency that will decide the most enjoyable outcome in the end. People are the same eventually.

Despite all of this, I did spent a heck of a time there, for 10 months at least. I began to forge back old bonds between my old classmates since Form 3, understand each other a lot more better, and being forced to realise that this is gonna be your last class before the end of your school life. I have to say though, I took a liking to this class after being in here for quite some time, and I'm sure that I'm gonna miss everything after this. Sad to realise that school is nearing its end, meaning that there'll be no classes, no classmates, no more people who used to hang around you always, and presumably the end of everything we can experience at the one place we call school, the place that we used to hate too.

Seriously, I'm going to miss this. Picture taken during our Raya celebration.

Grand Finale. Seems that we've all graduated. Literally shows that school has ended for us.

And now, as SPM gets even nearer, think I'll start hitting the books now. I've been wasting too much time recently. Do pray for me and for my friends, we'll make sure that we will prevail in this coming exam yet again, just like we've repeated in the past. Done, and out.

5 Al-Razi in my heart, always. Strive to achieve excellence, whether it's for dunia or akhirat. We DECIDE.

#Final post. I'll keep it updated with my blurbs after all of this are over. Until then, take care, guys.