As opposed by the title above, I still can't believe that school is literally over for the whole of 0812 generation.
It seems like only yesterday I registered at the secondary school to resume my studies. SPM had caused a lot of P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E to me and my friends here. Plus, with the additional responsibility to continue the family legacy's in becoming top scorers, it couldn't get any worse.

But hey, I definitely experienced something throughout the whole month of living in that place. With other students except form 5 excluded, I could've sworn the place was like a jungle for us. Most likely means that we're free to do anything we want, from going out at night until bringing tech savvy stuffs to our dormitaries.

But there's more to that, since there's only form 5's in the school, we've learnt to care about our friends more deeply than usual. We did everything together, ordering fast foods, solving puzzles in a Pokemon game,watching movies, searching for wifi's in the seemingly abandoned school. We've also developed a sense of rivalry when it comes I know, it sounds weird. We're supposed to be studying and yet, the rate of us playing games is much higher than that of studying. But it couldn't be avoided when the people around you started to get addicted to a kind of a game and competing with each other to get the highest score. In a way, it had brought fun to us. Thank you, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Agent Dash and Jetpack Joyride for helping us ease our tension in studying. (These are all Android games, try it! You'll get addicted for sure.)

There's another thing that had happened too, towards the end of SPM, I've brought my own guitar to 'accompany' the keyboard that had already been there for the past few weeks. Great, now we've got musical instruments too. But the main purpose of me bringing that was to practice for my upcoming performance during our final dinner, which would be held on the 6th. But suprisingly though, we didn't really have much practice there, since some of us are quite busy most of the time. But hey, with another source of entertainment, it couldn't get anymore exciting. It was also the cause for our decreasing rate of studying too.

Due to the tension of SPM revolving around us, we've glad it's finally over. All these years of studying (about  12 years I think) had finally paid off. But, there's another catch. The end of SPM means the end of us too.
We've realised that we've lived with each other through everything, through thick and thin. Now, the time for us to stay together is decreasing rapidly as we silently counted the days until  the day of having to part with each other. Some of us had been living here together for 5 years, while others only stayed here for 2. But it didn't matter, as all of us felt it. The feeling of having to be separated with the ones you've grown to love.

With the highly-anticipated day finally arriving, we stayed in the hotel and had fun with each other before the event, which was the dinner, can get started. I was quite anxious too, having to perform for the first time in a formal event was enough to make anyone nervous. But seeing that I've already been through a lot of challenges in getting my performance up and running, it was kind of too late to give up now. That night, everyone was dressed to their nines, the guys were handsome and the girls were lovely. We've gathered together in the hall and took pictures together.

Then, the event that I've been waiting had arrived. As the guests were enjoying their food, me and my buddies performed two songs as a sign of treasuring the times spent between all of us in that one place we called school. One of my friends recorded our performance, if you want to go check it out, the links are here. But don't be too harsh on us, as we're all first timers on stage doing this kind of thing.
Oh, and sorry for the 'background music'. As we did this during the time when the audiences were eating, the sounds of forks and spoons and babies and others can't possibly be avoided.

1st performance : Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

2nd performance : Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

Well, yea. We did enjoy doing it. Really.

Overall, the event turned out pretty fantastic. There were many activities, lots of em. We did everything together. Actually, I was again requested to join a spontaneous event with my buddy, in which I had to play the guitar yet again and he sang. But it turned out quite hilarious as he didn't memorize the lyrics. There's another performance starring my buddies singing the song, Little Things by One Direction, but it too turned out to be quite amusing. As it was meant to be funny and informal, I chose not to upload them. But all of that would be memories to us in the coming future, am I right?

As the event itself was coming to an end, some of us had already cried of having to lose the ones you cherish, while I myself had personally shed a tear in realizing that I had to leave them. I would like to say thanks to the ones organizing this, and also to all my friends, for making this event more lively. I can never forget all of you, every single one of you. I'm sorry that I can't pour out all my heart in this post, as I have a tremendous ego. But just to let you know, I going to miss all of you guys because I grew to love nearly all of you for changing my life until what I've became now.

That night, as the room was quite crowded (8 people in a room, whoa.), since the place was too full, me and two of my friends went out to spent the last night together. Our choice of destination? The Mamak situated nearby. I had planned not to sleep at that night, and Mamak was probably the most suitable place. Interestingly though, I was the only one who kept awake from 2 until 6 in the morning. I was not really into football, but the match was kind of worth to be watched that night. I managed to keep myself awake with the help of three glasses of various drinks and a plate of Mee Goreng Ayam, while the other two had slept soundly for a few times already. Still, we were proud to have been the only ones to do Subuh prayers in the mosque, with the exception of all three of us sleeping during the doa because we were too tired of having to stay up throughout the night.                                

Nearly one hour after that, the three of us 'recruited' another friend to go for breakfast in the hotel. We've tried everything the hotel has to offer, from omelettes to do-it-yourself noodle soups. We've also managed to  smuggle some of the foods for our friends who were still sleeping upstairs. Suddenly, one of my friends came to our rooms and invited us to come down and bath in the swimming pool. We immediately jumped into it and had fun. As time goes on, lots of our friends joined us too. We took pictures underwater and played volleyball together. From 8 until 11, we've had a great time swimming. But, the bus was going to arrive anytime, so we've stopped our fun there and went up to pack our things.

And then, everyone had gathered around the lobby. Knowing that we won't going to see some of our friends again, we took pictures together while waiting for the bus. The funny part was when we took the last picture together, immediately after the snapshot, the bus had arrived. The time had finally arrived for us to be separated, knowing that we could no longer see each other like we used to, and had fun together, or live together. These memories, they filled my entire brain as we approached the bus.

As the bus was heading to our school, I looked out through my window while listening to my iPod. I gazed out from the window while rewinding my life to back when I was little, when I was in Form 1. I used to hate that school due to not having any real friends, and getting mocked for nearly everything I did. I used to think the world was not fair too. As I progressed to Form 2, I was involved in that time where some of us were in gangs and becoming enemies to others. I did many mistakes back then. Form 3 came, it was literally the best time of my life, excluding the time me and my friends got caught in my first attempt to 'fly' to Sunway. I was in the best class there is, with also the best classmates ever. Nothing could ever bring me down at that time. We've had fun studying together during PMR, and enjoying ourselves during the trip to Melaka at that time. It was like, nothing could go wrong. And then, Form 4 arrived, I felt very sad during the events that had happened early in Form 4, where some of us had left us to study at other schools. This was the time where I learnt to cherish the people around you before they left. With a little hope in the presence of some of my friends that's left, I mustered up my courage and ended Form 4 together with my mates, while gaining a lot of memories, whether good or bad. It was still one of the best time I have had in that place.

The bus had gone into the USJ 5 neighbourhood. I began to think about the things I've done this year. As a form 5, being called the highest senior in the school, I committed lots of acts, in which I treated school rules as if they were nothing. As an SPM candidate, I was supposed to be studying 24/7. But I chose to do otherwise, that was by having fun with each other, while having little time to study. Throughout this whole year, I suffered broken bonds with my friends due to my act of selfishness, the beginning of trust, the feeling of finally loving someone, and of course, the fostering of the memories in everything we did together. It was then I realized that, the time for us to be together was slowly coming to an end.

As I stepped out from the bus, I looked at the building we've lived together over these past few years. Sekolah Agama Menengah Bestari. Sad to think that we're going to be alumnis now, never thought that this day would come. Everyone's on their own separate ways, no more laughter can be heard together, no more sadness and sorrow to be shared with each other, and most importantly, no more having fun with each other in class. The thought of it made me cried silently in my heart for having to let go of this, to finally enter the adult world. No more school for us, it's over.

I also realized that, I didn't have a parting gift for my friends. So, I chose to pray for all of us, in hopes that we would get what we had always wanted, 11A + in general. I strongly hope that when we meet again, there  will be smiles etched on our faces, holding an excellent SPM result. I'll be waiting for that when that time comes. Pray for me too, will you?

I can finally end this post, with eyes watering and shedding tears every now and then. All of you will always be my memory, one of the best there is.

1 Al- Biruni - 2 Al- Biruni - 3 Al- Kindi - 4 Al- Kindi - 5 Al- Razi : In Memory.

5 Al- Razi, in memory :')

Performance :)

3 Al - Kindi And 5 Al - Razi forever. Kl - Mahsyi - Qucai

Farewell, Halcyon Night. Always in Memory.

Bestarians, I hope you will remember all the times we've been through together. We can't reach for the past, but we can surely forge a new future. Be yourself for the remaining of your lives after this.

Don't ever forget me! :'D


The Biggest, Fattest, Massive-st (If only there's a word like that), Baddest EXAMINATION Of ALL. Enter S.P.M.

It's been a while, right guys? If this blog is an actual living place, by this time it is probably manifested with cobwebs, piles of dusts, and all those things that can cause sneezing and other sickness gradually. Yeah, I do notice that my last post is during the first week of Fasting Month, and since then, I've been too lazy to blog just about anything.

To add in the tension, we are force-fed with countless homeworks consisting of trial papers from other states and high standard schools. Tak menang tangan dibuatnya. I swear if this thing keeps going on for more than two months, mau pengsan semua orang nanti.

Either way, who am I to question the teachers efforts? I tend to become unappreciative at times, but seeing our teachers put a lot of deeds just to see us succeed and prevail in this biggest exam of all. Even so, I can't help but feel grateful to have such people who can sacrifice everything, not just our parents, but teachers as well. Admit it, having these people around already makes you lucky enough.

After the trials, I got separated from my initial class, which is 5 Al- Razi, which means I got separated from my friends as well. This new class I'm in, I do like it very much. It's a different experience altogether to have oh-so-talented-and-wise-brainiacs sitting next to you. As a result, group discussions have become a lot more productive, for me at least, aside from the constant babbling, merepek-ing and laughing like mindless idiots every 5 minutes or so for each sessions as a matter of fact.

So yeah, apart from being in the most noisiest group that possesses the most hysterical laughters of all time, I can't help but feel a little bit lost on the inside. A part of me has gone somewhere, the same exact part which longed for his old class back. It's just so different, being in this kind of environment, while knowing that you used to be in what people call as the last class.

Prove me wrong, I can show you that many in our class is actually even smarter than the upper classes. A fact that can't be denied in any way. We didn't choose to be in here, but we do believe that everything that has happened does have its own reasons, whether good, or bad for us. God has His own reasons in doing that.

Often used to people looking down to the inhibitants, some of us even go as far as maintaining a healthy challenge in terms of academics while trying to close the gap between others. Turns out, its just a matter of persistency that will decide the most enjoyable outcome in the end. People are the same eventually.

Despite all of this, I did spent a heck of a time there, for 10 months at least. I began to forge back old bonds between my old classmates since Form 3, understand each other a lot more better, and being forced to realise that this is gonna be your last class before the end of your school life. I have to say though, I took a liking to this class after being in here for quite some time, and I'm sure that I'm gonna miss everything after this. Sad to realise that school is nearing its end, meaning that there'll be no classes, no classmates, no more people who used to hang around you always, and presumably the end of everything we can experience at the one place we call school, the place that we used to hate too.

Seriously, I'm going to miss this. Picture taken during our Raya celebration.

Grand Finale. Seems that we've all graduated. Literally shows that school has ended for us.

And now, as SPM gets even nearer, think I'll start hitting the books now. I've been wasting too much time recently. Do pray for me and for my friends, we'll make sure that we will prevail in this coming exam yet again, just like we've repeated in the past. Done, and out.

5 Al-Razi in my heart, always. Strive to achieve excellence, whether it's for dunia or akhirat. We DECIDE.

#Final post. I'll keep it updated with my blurbs after all of this are over. Until then, take care, guys.


Maksud Tersirat Di Sebalik Malaysia vs Arsenal Match 2012

Sebarang coretan yang ada di sini hanyalah berdasarkan sudut pandangan dari perspektif saya.

Ok, seperti yang kita tau, Malaysia, our beloved country, will face Arsenal, an elite club, this July 24th.
Bertempat di Stadium Bukit Jalil.

I'm pretty sure a lot of Malaysians, even tourists are spell-bounded when they know about this match. Arsenal finished off Malaysia with a 4-0 last year. Still, it's something worth watching.

Di sini, saya ingin mengatakan bahawa sekolah saya telah mendapat offer yang sangat 'unreal'. Apa yee???

Apa lagi baii, tiket perlawanan tu la. Yes, the ticket. Honestly, we were mind-blown when they told us about the offer during the assembly.

For most of the guys, confirm la it's an offer that's quite hard to resist. Girls tak tau la macam mana kan. Hehe.

But yeah, do we realize that, the match is being held on 24th of July? Tengah puasa ni beb.
Dengar cerita, sampai malam kot. Entah la, tak tau la start pukul berapa. But mesti lama la kat sana, that's for sure.

Last week, about a hundred of us students went to the same place to witness the Hari Koperasi Nasional that was being officially announced by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib.

And to tell you the truth, sumpah penuh sesak dengan manusia kat sana. I don't know la how the response is going to be for this match, but of course lagi meriah la kan? Makin penuh sesak la nampaknya~

Our school authorities are now considering the offer, they need to think about the students and of course, the fasting month la. Takkan la bulan yang penuh dengan barakah ni tak nak utilise properly?

But then, neither does the probability that the chance will come again for a while too. So sekarang ni, pening jugak la nak bagi mana satu. Boleh ke tak boleh eh?

The whole purpose of me writing this is not really about boleh ke tak boleh. As a matter of fact, Bestarians, if you are reading this, I'm asking you to think twice.

Why, you say? Well, it's kind of unusual that we, 'citizens' of a religious school, famously well known in the whole of Selangor state, got that kind of an offer. It's like, tiba2 je kan? Don't deny the fact, you know it.

Masa umat islam buat solat terawih, kita kat sana cheering for the teams. Kan dah jadi satu hal, solat terawih kena tinggal. Memang la sunat muakad, but rugi la. Ramadhan datang sekali je setahun. We're not sure whether we're going to be there for it next year.

Even worse, sampai2 stadium, people will probably look at us and then tanya, "Sekolah ape ni dik?"
Tengok lencana dah tahu. And then, mula la orang mengata, "Apa la, sekolah agama, tapi tengok bola, sanggup tinggalkan solat terawih. Ramai2 lak tu."

Ok, maybe it doesn't have any effect on us students. But if we see it on a larger perspective, mana la tau masa pilihan raya nanti, parti2 lain mula la bagi hujah2 macam "budak sekolah agama sanggup tengok bola, tinggalkan solat terawih." Just for the sole purpose of nak hentam PAS kaw2 punya. Kebarangkalian tetap ada kan?

See? These kind of things cannot be unseen. Betul tak? Tak terfikir ke ada udang di sebalik mee? It's possible that there's a hidden meaning behind everything, correct?

So yeah, think wisely la. Even if it's only for a day, are we really dumb enough to just let the day go on its own just like that? Remember, even amalan sunat boleh dapat pahala macam buat amalan wajib. Hatta tidur pun dah dapat pahala.

Again, this is just based on my perspective on how this thing actually corresponds to our daily lives. Everyone is free to give their own opinions. It's a free country, what'd you expect?

Oh yeah, for the rest of the muslims all around the world (khususnya penghuni SAMBESTARI, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia), I'd like to take this chance to wish all of you Happy Fasting. Let's hope that Ramadhan this year will be better than last year's.

Renung-renungkanlah dan selamat beramal :)

Credits to Ariff Abdul Latiff. I like the way how he thinks.


School Iz Far From End, And The Epic Struggle Iz Far From Over.

My two weeks vacation is nearly over, and school's starting pretty soon.

Despite the worries of starting a new semester (which involves me fidgeting nearly every second whenever I thought about it), I'm proud to say that I'll be ready when that time comes. Guess what? I actually managed to get something useful during this holiday. Apart from all those never ending tuitions, a few things had happened which is proven to be quite beneficial for me after this, should I choose to think about it and bring some changes to the epic story of my life.

How should I say it, eh? Maybe I'll start by splitting these 'happenings' into its individual explanations.

1. My close friends have changed. Really changed. 
No, I don't really change friends. The fact that they changed their behavior almost got me mind-blowed. Call me over-reacting, but that's exactly what I'm feeling when I'm around them. For nearly 7 years of friendship. I've known them to be quite less-knowledgeable about our religion and they couldn't care less about it. Or so I thought. Recently, I got to see their faces at a very unexpected place, the mosque. Yes, they're actually spending their time at the mosque, wearing kopiah and jubah, looking exactly like a Hafiz. I dont believe what I'm seeing. But after chit-chatting with them for a while, I finally knew that they've really changed for the better good, something even I as a student from religious school was not capable of doing until this day, no matter how hard I tried. They really deserved my respect after all. Now it's time for me to make a change. If they can, why can't I?

2. My mind has been opened to the point of I can openly discuss things that are usually shunned by locals.
Being a Malay with a bit of a Chinese heritage, discussing or saying anything about sex *cough* social problems *cough* gender issues *cough* is considered a taboo among us. However, this is the main factor why most Malays can't go forward and eventually achieve the 2020 status. Most of the Malays are extremely narrow-minded when it comes to discussing about these problems. Say that I'm wrong, I can prove to you that a lot of girls in my school tried their best to avoid saying anything about this topic. Once, I went to my tuition class and the Indian teacher starts asking me a lot of things regarding religious issues and stuffs that usually happened in a boarding school. Once more, my debating adrenaline began to pump up vigorously and I discussed with him for hours until we're both satisified. During that time, I begin to feel more open about these topics. I also noticed that using vulgar words in a conversation/discussion means that you're clearly persistent in your speech, in hopes that the person who you're talking to will understand that you actually meant business. So there's no harm in that, except if you used them words for cursing of course. So people in my school, if you hear me say 'dafuq' or something like that during arguing, you'll eventually understand.  

3. I'm finally greatful that I took a certain subject, and that I'm lucky because not anyone can get this kind of oppurtunity.

I'm well known as someone who could hold his own in terms of handling their verbal communications and writing very well when it comes to learning English. But, there's a downside to this. I may be good in terms of language, but there's a certain language that I shun quite all the time, Arabics. I know, it's bad. Because it's the language of the Prophet and the Holy Quran. It's not like I hate it, I find it really hard to learn. But recently, a friend of mine expressed her interests and desires to learn the language. She envied me because I have the advantage of staying in a religious boarding school and having to learn Arabics since primary. Little by little, I began to feel regret for what I've done. I realised that not all people can be so lucky, and sometimes people don't get the chance for what they truly deserved. And then, people like me wields that chance like a permanent weapon stuck to the body but refused to use it. Life can be quite suckish sometimes. Seeing her desire, I've sworn that I'll master the language, be it for the sake of SPM, or to continue using it for later life.

So, I think that's enough blurbs for one night. And it's been rather chilly for me as I stared at the laptop while my fingers danced on the keyboard. But I don't really know when I'm gonna get a chance like this again. With a new determination and spirit, I will continue my life there after this with a newly reborn perspective about a lot of things. With this in mind, I'll surely strive forward and harder in order to achieve 11A+, thus giving a fine present to my parents in the process. I'll have to be ready for the upcoming Trials.

Fingers Crossed.



Hikmah disebalik Hari Lahir :)

Assalamualaikum semua :D

Semalam hari lahir aku. Hehe

Kalau korang tengok kat atas tu, tu sebenarnya bukan bilangan sebenar.

Sebab ada je yang wish kat chat, message, etc.

Thanks kt sesape yang wish :P

Tapi disebalik kegembiraan menyambut hari lahir,

Aku teringat kepada Yang Maha Esa.

Yang telah memberiku hidup selama ini.


Sempena hari lahir ini
Ku sujud syukur padaMU
Kerana masih memanjangkan usiaku ini
Sedangkan kematian itu semakin menghampiriku


Ku pohon padaMu
Dengan bertambahnya usiaku ini
Janganlah ku lalai dari mengingatiMu
Sedangkan dikau tidak pernah melupakanku


Ku tahu ENGKAU sentiasa menyayangiku
Sebab itu diriku selalu diduga olehMu


Andai ini usiaku yang terakhir
Terimalah taubatku, ibadatku dan amalanku ini 


Syukurku dengan hadiah yang kau berikan ini.
Kau berikanlah aku ketabahan dalam mengharungi cabaran dalam menuntut ilmu
Agar aku memperolehi kejayaan yang diidamkan.
Serta dapat menggembirakan ibubapaku dan guruku.



Dilema T-U-D-U-N-G / H-I-J-A-B


" Aku tak nak kahwin dengan perempuan yang bertudung !"

" Haa? Kenapa?"

" Aku nak kahwin dengan wanita yang tutup aurat."

Alhamdulillah. Tersenyum hati mendengar jawapan yang serius itu. Tentunya jejaka tersebut seorang yang sangat menjaga diri dan kehidupannya. Pasti dia bukan calang-calang lelaki. Bayangkanlah, pasangan hidup yang dipilih bukan sekadar bertudung tetapi lengkap menutup aurat. Dalam erti kata lain, dia sedar bahawa urusan perkahwinan bukanlah perkara yang remeh. Hanya insan yang mentaati Allah dan RasulNya sahaja yang terpaut di hati untuk dijadikan permaisuri dalam istana rumah tangga.

Lihatlah di sekeliling kita. Apa yang berlaku dalam masyarakat Islam hari ini? Berapa ramai wanita yang bertudung? Pasti boleh dibilang dengan jari bukan? Tidak ramai. Yang bertudung pula, tidak semua menutup aurat dengan sempurna.

Buktinya? Kita boleh lihat dengan mata kepala kita sendiri. Mereka bertudung tetapi tidak labuh hingga menutupi dada. Ada yang pakai tudung macam shawl and macam2, tapi menampakkan bentuk kepala/leher pulak. Actually korang ni nak balut aurat ke, nak tutup aurat? Pakaian pula ketat, singkat, tipis, malah ada yang berlengan pendek. Jelasnya, mereka hanya bertudung namun dalam masa yang sama tetap mendedahkan aurat.

Kucing ni pun pandai tutup kepala, malu la manusia macam ni.
Apa daaa..

Hayati kembali perintah Allah ini;

ا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ قُل لِّأَزْوَاجِكَ وَبَنَاتِكَ وَنِسَاء الْمُؤْمِنِينَ يُدْنِينَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِن جَلَابِيبِهِنَّ ذَلِكَ أَدْنَى أَن يُعْرَفْنَ فَلَا يُؤْذَيْنَ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُوراً رَّحِيماً

Wahai Nabi, katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak-anak perempuanmu dan isteri-isteri orang mukmin: "Hendaklah mereka melabuhkan jilbabnya ke seluruh tubuh mereka". Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah untuk dikenal,maka mereka tidak akan diganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

Faktor inilah yang menyebabkan lelaki-lelaki yang beriman sangat memilih dalam soal pemilihan calon isteri. Bagi mukmin yang betul-betul hidup kerana Allah, dia pasti akan berfikir lima enam kali sekiranya diminta untuk memilih wanita yang 'bertudung tapi mendedahkan aurat'. Kemungkinan besar, permintaan wanita itu akan ditolak atau tidak dilayan.

Bagaimana pula dengan wanita yang langsung tidak bertudung ? Di mana mereka di hati orang mukmin? Adakah mereka akan menjadi pilihan hati lelaki-lelaki yang bertaqwa? Sudah pasti tidak! Sedangkan yang bertudung pun masih diragukan dan ditolak ke tepi, apatah lagi yang langsung tidak bertudung? Pasti akan dibuang sejauh-jauhnya.

" Cerewet sungguh orang-orang mukmin!"

Ya.. memang cerewet ! hehee..

Pernah membeli makanan di kedai kuih? Mana satu yang menjadi pilihan, kuih yang dibungkus penuh, atau kuih yang dibungkus separuh? Atau yang langsung tidak berbungkus? Saya yakin kita akan memilih yang berbungkus penuh kerana keadaannya dijamin lebih baik dan bersih.

Begitulah juga dengan orang-orang mukmin. Mereka memang sangat memilih dalam hal ini. Bukan apa, kehidupan berumah tangga diwujudkan semata-mata untuk beroleh rahmat daripada Allah agar bahagia di dunia dan di akihirat. Andai tersalah pilih atau memilih mengikut nafsu, maka akan hilanglah bahagia dikemudian hari.

Lagipun Rasulullah SAW pernah berpesan kepada kita semua ;

"Wanita dinikahi kerana empat perkara; kerana hartanya, kerana kedudukannya/ keturunannya, kerana kecantikannya dan kerana agamanya. Maka, pilihlah yang baik agamanya nescaya engkau beruntung."

[Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim]

Rasulullah SAW ketika di tanya oleh para sahabat mengenai ciri wanita pilihan yang diperlukan oleh suami, Rasulullah menjawab,

" Wanita yang menyenangkannya ketika dilihat. Wanita yang mentaatinya ketika disuruh, wanita yang tidak mengkhianatinya (tidak curang), dan wanita yang tidak mengkhianati hartanya pada perkara yang dibenci."

[Riwayat Abu Daud dan Nasai]

Wanita yang bertudung tetapi masih mendedahkan aurat dikhalayak ramai merupakan wanita yang tidak serius menjalankan ketaatan kepada Allah. Wanita sebegini tidak mengamalkan ajaran Islam secara keseluruhan. Lantas bagaimana hendak dipilih menjadi calon isteri?

Cuba fikirkan sejenak..
Sedangkan perintah Allah SWT sanggup diabaikan inikan pula kita sebagai manusia biasa? Sudah pasti dengan mudah akan diingkari bukan? Pada masa itu, jangan hairan sekiranya kebahagiaan itu beransur-ansur hilang. Semuanya atas pilihan kita juga.

" Tapi jodoh sudah ditentukan! Kalau dia ditakdirkan untuk berkahwin dengan orang yang tidak menutup aurat secara sempurna, apa boleh buat.. memilih-milihpun tiada guna."

Ya. Jodoh memang sudah ditentukan oleh Allah. Allah sahajalah yang layak menyatukan hati-hati insan kerana hanya Dia yang mengetahui perihal hati. Kita jangan lupa bahawa jodoh atau ketetapan itu dijalankan dengan penuh keadilan oleh Allah SWT. Allah sesekali tidak akan menzalimi hambaNya. Allah tidak akan pernah mengecewakan hambaNya.

Lelaki baik yang beriman pasti akan berkahwin dengan perempuan baik yang beriman.
Sebaliknya, lelaki yang tidak beriman akan berkahwin dengan perempuan yang tidak beriman juga. Demikianlah perempuan yang tidak mentaati Allah dengan menjalankan Islam secara sepenuhnya akan berkahwin dengan lelaki yang berperwatakan sepertinya. Itu janji Allah! Ingat! Janji Allah segalanya adalah BENAR.

الْخَبِيثَاتُ لِلْخَبِيثِينَ وَالْخَبِيثُونَ لِلْخَبِيثَاتِ وَالطَّيِّبَاتُ لِلطَّيِّبِينَ وَالطَّيِّبُونَ لِلطَّيِّبَاتِ

"Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki-lelaki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula), dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula).

Maka, sebagai wanita..
Periksalah diri anda.. Tutuplah aurat dengan sempurna.
Bersungguh-sungguhlah mentaati Allah dan RasulNya.

Satu lagi, kalau ada perempuan bagi alasan yang mereka tak bertudung sebab tak datang seru lagi..


Sebab, seruan dah datang 1400 tahun dahulu dalam Al-Quran. Apa lagi argument yang boleh dibuat?
Nak lawan kalam Allah ke??


Can I repeat it again?

A week has passed in le school. So much things have been happening. I wasn't supposed to go back too this week, but thinking that the total population of my batch has been decreased to a point that it can only make up half of a football team, I began to reconsider going back. 

So here I am, staying in the comfort of my own house. Sitting in front of the computer like a dumb retard, while trying to extract every possible ideas from my mind to write a short story.

Y'know, speaking of reminiscing past memories, there are lots of 'em in my memory chamber. I can still recall back the time when I took the certificates of the two of my past 'big' exams. UPSR and PMR.

The day of taking the certificate for UPSR means the last day that we're going to see each other again. I can't help but smile when I thought all about it. It seems like it's only yesterday when our gleeful smiles and happy faces shared the results. We were the best of the best, the epitome of all epics. Nearly all of us got excellent results, and as expected, all of us parted and went to other high schools throughout Malaysia.
I can never forget that fateful day.

And then, something happened 2 years ago. Yeap, the time when I finally got my PMR results. Back then it was during the December holidays. I was nervous, real nervous. It's like sweat was pouring out from my skin and the chills ran down throughout my spine. To be frank, I'm not used to be like who I was before, the student who's admired by people because of his high ranking achievement. Life had spoiled me a lot since I started high school, and I became quite lazy since that. Not sure if the flow of life is like that, though.

I only targeted that I was going to get below 5 A's, because I wasn't really ready when I took the exam, my preparations were only halfway when we started answering the papers. I was pretty sure that the others had suprassed me in terms of revising, but I didn't really care at that time. And thus, when the judgement day came, I didn't have the mood to go to school and get it. But like it or not, I have to go. No other choice.

All the time when I was in the car, my parents lectured about the virtues of studying and such. I was getting really bored as I gazed outside of the window and having to hear them talking about stuffs that didn't really concern me (at that time, that is). But I can't help but feel that I'm about to seal my fate. When we arrived there, the results wasn't given out to the students yet. I joined my other friends as we waited while playing PSP's and exchanging phones.

A few minutes later, we were told to take our results at the meeting room. My whole body trembled as I went into the room. Trying to get hold of myself, I braced myself and asked for my certificate. Catching a glimpse, I was suprised that the amount of A's is quiet astounding. But, as I looked down, I noticed that there's a B below. Sure enough, it was Arabic, just as I expected. But the result was happily accepted by my parents, they dont even care about the B grade. So yea, 8A's mine.

Looking back at the past, I dont see the reason why I can't succeed this time, for my final year. Should be simple enough, shouldn't be too over-confident too. I just hope I can. Somehow, I feel like I'm going to be ready when the time comes. The question is, can I repeat it again? can I repeat my glory days as a high achiever? Is it going to be possible? Do I have what it takes to score this time?

The fact is, no one knows for sure. I'll just have to prove it. 
I did it two times in a row, I know I can do it for the third time. It's not going to be an easy task. The final of all exams, just you wait.

Insya Allah, 11A+, if God willing :)


The Thing That Has Been Bothering My Almost-17 Year Old Mind Lately.

Hey guys, Assalamualaikum.

I'm not really sure where to start. It's kinda complicated.

I may be a guy, but I shed tears just by looking at this pictures.
For 3 years I've been living in that place, it feels like pure torture. I never thought that high school can be such a hell. I'm just a silly kid, who knew nothing of surviving by himself, who is spoon-fed in almost anything. I took long enough to get used to this new environment. But that was back in 2008. I continue to live that kind of life until puberty hit me.

And that's when I begin to indulge in my new kicked-in hormones.
As a human being who first experience puberty, I'll normally find sharing problems with my parents is going slightly awkward, I mean, teenager problems are a lot more, how should I say it? Sadistic and lustful? Yeah, kinda like that. And it's not like my parents are there if I'm going to share some anyway. I'm in a hostel for crying out loud.

That's when I discovered the utmost reality, the light to shine my life in countering the menaces life has to offer in living my teenage years.

The word F-R-I-E-N-D.

Yes, this typical word apparently gave a whole-new meaning when staying in a high school. As they experienced nearly the same thing, and they lived with you nearly all the time, it's quite undeniable that they KNOW how you felt. Most of the time.

This is why teenagers tend to follow their friend's advice more, it's peer pressure.

Anyhow, I did manage to find some great people, who can offer me more advices than my balik kampung bag's mass (trust me, it's really heavy), who understands me a lot, and who likes me for who I am.
They are the ones who I hold so dear, the ones who make me feel lonely everytime they returned late for school, and the ones who accompanied me in doing a lot of things, whether legal or illegal (against school rules).

For the past 3 years, I've known how it's like to be cared and loved. As they have lived with me for the time period, they've obviously understood me more than anyone else. Our life continued happily and joyously during our Form 3, we created memories, dear and precious ones. All in life seemed so well and beautiful.




In the year 2011, we worked together and handled the new intakes of new students who took PMR the previous year. Yes, they are the New Form 4's. For the time being, we hold the record for the largest batch ever. The new ones got mixed with old ones, we felt excited getting new friends and members, and I get the feeling that we're going to be the best batch ever until the end of SPM, despite what our teacher has stated in the past, that our batch is the worst of all.

But God has planned differently for each of us.

It all started when, one of us left and gone to his new school. We were at loss for words. Gloomy, heartbroken, disconsolate, all of them mixed into a single feeling which I can't properly describe. That's only the beginning.

Soon, nearly everyone began following his footsteps. One by one began considering their offers to a new school. Some of us can't even believe that they're going to leave us, after all this years living together as a team, handling all those crap and problems while laughing our heads off. All those memories, and they're going to leave it behind? For real?

Turns out, we can't escape from reality. They knew that going to other places is the best choice for them, somehow they knew it deep inside their heart. That's why it's ok for them to let go of us, but not for us to let go of them. I never really experienced parting before, but to be frank, I think it's very hurtful, and quite damaging the heart too. I mean, how can I not feel anything? All those cherished recollections, do you think it's easy to let go of them? I lost a few of my best buddies throughout the year, just for the sake of transferring to new schools.

Like, them.

This is Faiz Azhari. A cheerful guy, as always. Sad to let him go. He has been my friend since Form 1. And I shared a lot of things with him. I was rendered speechless as I watched him drove away from our school last year for SBPI Rawang.

This is Alif Aiman. We shared something very personal, perhaps even close too. He truly understood me, and the night before he left, we had a personal chit chat in the middle of the courtyard during the wee hours in the morning. Tough to let go huh? But glad to know now that he's doing fine as always at SBPI Gombak.

Not just these two, but many others as well. My heart has been tortured over and over again after seeing so many of the ones who I truly cared about disappearing right before my eyes. It had reached its peak, its maximum level of pain when one particular person finally went away.


This, is Amirul Fitri. He's been with me for a long time. And living true to his self as a Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, he answered all of my thoughts and wonderings, and gave his opinions too. He's been through so much already, I could almost felt it and shared his sorrows. My heart died a little bit inside when he told me that he had to go to somewhere better, that is, Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah. He was the last to go.

It's too late for me to either get another school to go, or follow them to their own respective schools. When I thought about it back, it seemed unbelievable that I survived until this day. Not only that, I changed my personality permanently too. I felt an intense agony, like someone is stabbing my heart with a burning spike and dragged it down into a lane of an animal stampede, whenever I thought about those days as all those memories wont stop coming back, flashing right before my eyes and flooding my mind with what I used to experience.

With only a bit left for hope, I toughen myself up and continued the rest of my life here. With that little bit of courage too, and with some support from the real friends I had here, I began to change dramatically, began to cherish the others left here as well. Because I've finally learnt that we should appreciate the times we have together, before they leave you. Not only that, I've learnt much more about my past mistakes, and I turned over a new identity. I'm no longer the sinister, devil-spawn influenced behaving type of a boy. Bit by bit, I've learnt something about life.

But hey, it's not like it's going to be the end of the world, eventhough the world had observed my downfall in the first place. Still had some of the best mates here, been through thick and thin together in our final year.

I inserted a few of their piccies. A promise until the end of SPM is still being kept, that is not to leave the others any longer.

                           Amir Juhar

                         Qusyairi Kamal

                        Luqman Hassan

                          Zikri Haris

And many others as well. Be it as it may, I don't see that without the original batch would mean the ultimate downfall of us. See this picture of my class that was taken last year. We did enjoy ourselves back then. 


With Allah's blessings, He let us met one another on a fateful day. That's when the original batch of SAMBESTARI '95 decided to have a final hangout before SPM. God really does know what's best.


Guys, as far as I could tell, our bonds between us, could never be torn apart. These memories, cherish them, keep them in a special place. I can't really tell how grateful I am after meeting you all. Everything must happen for a reason. Ukhuwah Fillah until the end. 

Kawan-Sahabat-Teman-Friends-Sodiqi, each of them holds the same meaning.

By far, this is the longest post I've written so far. Sorry to bore all of you.
Take care everyone.