As opposed by the title above, I still can't believe that school is literally over for the whole of 0812 generation.
It seems like only yesterday I registered at the secondary school to resume my studies. SPM had caused a lot of P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E to me and my friends here. Plus, with the additional responsibility to continue the family legacy's in becoming top scorers, it couldn't get any worse.

But hey, I definitely experienced something throughout the whole month of living in that place. With other students except form 5 excluded, I could've sworn the place was like a jungle for us. Most likely means that we're free to do anything we want, from going out at night until bringing tech savvy stuffs to our dormitaries.

But there's more to that, since there's only form 5's in the school, we've learnt to care about our friends more deeply than usual. We did everything together, ordering fast foods, solving puzzles in a Pokemon game,watching movies, searching for wifi's in the seemingly abandoned school. We've also developed a sense of rivalry when it comes I know, it sounds weird. We're supposed to be studying and yet, the rate of us playing games is much higher than that of studying. But it couldn't be avoided when the people around you started to get addicted to a kind of a game and competing with each other to get the highest score. In a way, it had brought fun to us. Thank you, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Agent Dash and Jetpack Joyride for helping us ease our tension in studying. (These are all Android games, try it! You'll get addicted for sure.)

There's another thing that had happened too, towards the end of SPM, I've brought my own guitar to 'accompany' the keyboard that had already been there for the past few weeks. Great, now we've got musical instruments too. But the main purpose of me bringing that was to practice for my upcoming performance during our final dinner, which would be held on the 6th. But suprisingly though, we didn't really have much practice there, since some of us are quite busy most of the time. But hey, with another source of entertainment, it couldn't get anymore exciting. It was also the cause for our decreasing rate of studying too.

Due to the tension of SPM revolving around us, we've glad it's finally over. All these years of studying (about  12 years I think) had finally paid off. But, there's another catch. The end of SPM means the end of us too.
We've realised that we've lived with each other through everything, through thick and thin. Now, the time for us to stay together is decreasing rapidly as we silently counted the days until  the day of having to part with each other. Some of us had been living here together for 5 years, while others only stayed here for 2. But it didn't matter, as all of us felt it. The feeling of having to be separated with the ones you've grown to love.

With the highly-anticipated day finally arriving, we stayed in the hotel and had fun with each other before the event, which was the dinner, can get started. I was quite anxious too, having to perform for the first time in a formal event was enough to make anyone nervous. But seeing that I've already been through a lot of challenges in getting my performance up and running, it was kind of too late to give up now. That night, everyone was dressed to their nines, the guys were handsome and the girls were lovely. We've gathered together in the hall and took pictures together.

Then, the event that I've been waiting had arrived. As the guests were enjoying their food, me and my buddies performed two songs as a sign of treasuring the times spent between all of us in that one place we called school. One of my friends recorded our performance, if you want to go check it out, the links are here. But don't be too harsh on us, as we're all first timers on stage doing this kind of thing.
Oh, and sorry for the 'background music'. As we did this during the time when the audiences were eating, the sounds of forks and spoons and babies and others can't possibly be avoided.

1st performance : Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

2nd performance : Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

Well, yea. We did enjoy doing it. Really.

Overall, the event turned out pretty fantastic. There were many activities, lots of em. We did everything together. Actually, I was again requested to join a spontaneous event with my buddy, in which I had to play the guitar yet again and he sang. But it turned out quite hilarious as he didn't memorize the lyrics. There's another performance starring my buddies singing the song, Little Things by One Direction, but it too turned out to be quite amusing. As it was meant to be funny and informal, I chose not to upload them. But all of that would be memories to us in the coming future, am I right?

As the event itself was coming to an end, some of us had already cried of having to lose the ones you cherish, while I myself had personally shed a tear in realizing that I had to leave them. I would like to say thanks to the ones organizing this, and also to all my friends, for making this event more lively. I can never forget all of you, every single one of you. I'm sorry that I can't pour out all my heart in this post, as I have a tremendous ego. But just to let you know, I going to miss all of you guys because I grew to love nearly all of you for changing my life until what I've became now.

That night, as the room was quite crowded (8 people in a room, whoa.), since the place was too full, me and two of my friends went out to spent the last night together. Our choice of destination? The Mamak situated nearby. I had planned not to sleep at that night, and Mamak was probably the most suitable place. Interestingly though, I was the only one who kept awake from 2 until 6 in the morning. I was not really into football, but the match was kind of worth to be watched that night. I managed to keep myself awake with the help of three glasses of various drinks and a plate of Mee Goreng Ayam, while the other two had slept soundly for a few times already. Still, we were proud to have been the only ones to do Subuh prayers in the mosque, with the exception of all three of us sleeping during the doa because we were too tired of having to stay up throughout the night.                                

Nearly one hour after that, the three of us 'recruited' another friend to go for breakfast in the hotel. We've tried everything the hotel has to offer, from omelettes to do-it-yourself noodle soups. We've also managed to  smuggle some of the foods for our friends who were still sleeping upstairs. Suddenly, one of my friends came to our rooms and invited us to come down and bath in the swimming pool. We immediately jumped into it and had fun. As time goes on, lots of our friends joined us too. We took pictures underwater and played volleyball together. From 8 until 11, we've had a great time swimming. But, the bus was going to arrive anytime, so we've stopped our fun there and went up to pack our things.

And then, everyone had gathered around the lobby. Knowing that we won't going to see some of our friends again, we took pictures together while waiting for the bus. The funny part was when we took the last picture together, immediately after the snapshot, the bus had arrived. The time had finally arrived for us to be separated, knowing that we could no longer see each other like we used to, and had fun together, or live together. These memories, they filled my entire brain as we approached the bus.

As the bus was heading to our school, I looked out through my window while listening to my iPod. I gazed out from the window while rewinding my life to back when I was little, when I was in Form 1. I used to hate that school due to not having any real friends, and getting mocked for nearly everything I did. I used to think the world was not fair too. As I progressed to Form 2, I was involved in that time where some of us were in gangs and becoming enemies to others. I did many mistakes back then. Form 3 came, it was literally the best time of my life, excluding the time me and my friends got caught in my first attempt to 'fly' to Sunway. I was in the best class there is, with also the best classmates ever. Nothing could ever bring me down at that time. We've had fun studying together during PMR, and enjoying ourselves during the trip to Melaka at that time. It was like, nothing could go wrong. And then, Form 4 arrived, I felt very sad during the events that had happened early in Form 4, where some of us had left us to study at other schools. This was the time where I learnt to cherish the people around you before they left. With a little hope in the presence of some of my friends that's left, I mustered up my courage and ended Form 4 together with my mates, while gaining a lot of memories, whether good or bad. It was still one of the best time I have had in that place.

The bus had gone into the USJ 5 neighbourhood. I began to think about the things I've done this year. As a form 5, being called the highest senior in the school, I committed lots of acts, in which I treated school rules as if they were nothing. As an SPM candidate, I was supposed to be studying 24/7. But I chose to do otherwise, that was by having fun with each other, while having little time to study. Throughout this whole year, I suffered broken bonds with my friends due to my act of selfishness, the beginning of trust, the feeling of finally loving someone, and of course, the fostering of the memories in everything we did together. It was then I realized that, the time for us to be together was slowly coming to an end.

As I stepped out from the bus, I looked at the building we've lived together over these past few years. Sekolah Agama Menengah Bestari. Sad to think that we're going to be alumnis now, never thought that this day would come. Everyone's on their own separate ways, no more laughter can be heard together, no more sadness and sorrow to be shared with each other, and most importantly, no more having fun with each other in class. The thought of it made me cried silently in my heart for having to let go of this, to finally enter the adult world. No more school for us, it's over.

I also realized that, I didn't have a parting gift for my friends. So, I chose to pray for all of us, in hopes that we would get what we had always wanted, 11A + in general. I strongly hope that when we meet again, there  will be smiles etched on our faces, holding an excellent SPM result. I'll be waiting for that when that time comes. Pray for me too, will you?

I can finally end this post, with eyes watering and shedding tears every now and then. All of you will always be my memory, one of the best there is.

1 Al- Biruni - 2 Al- Biruni - 3 Al- Kindi - 4 Al- Kindi - 5 Al- Razi : In Memory.

5 Al- Razi, in memory :')

Performance :)

3 Al - Kindi And 5 Al - Razi forever. Kl - Mahsyi - Qucai

Farewell, Halcyon Night. Always in Memory.

Bestarians, I hope you will remember all the times we've been through together. We can't reach for the past, but we can surely forge a new future. Be yourself for the remaining of your lives after this.

Don't ever forget me! :'D