Maksud Tersirat Di Sebalik Malaysia vs Arsenal Match 2012

Sebarang coretan yang ada di sini hanyalah berdasarkan sudut pandangan dari perspektif saya.

Ok, seperti yang kita tau, Malaysia, our beloved country, will face Arsenal, an elite club, this July 24th.
Bertempat di Stadium Bukit Jalil.

I'm pretty sure a lot of Malaysians, even tourists are spell-bounded when they know about this match. Arsenal finished off Malaysia with a 4-0 last year. Still, it's something worth watching.

Di sini, saya ingin mengatakan bahawa sekolah saya telah mendapat offer yang sangat 'unreal'. Apa yee???

Apa lagi baii, tiket perlawanan tu la. Yes, the ticket. Honestly, we were mind-blown when they told us about the offer during the assembly.

For most of the guys, confirm la it's an offer that's quite hard to resist. Girls tak tau la macam mana kan. Hehe.

But yeah, do we realize that, the match is being held on 24th of July? Tengah puasa ni beb.
Dengar cerita, sampai malam kot. Entah la, tak tau la start pukul berapa. But mesti lama la kat sana, that's for sure.

Last week, about a hundred of us students went to the same place to witness the Hari Koperasi Nasional that was being officially announced by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib.

And to tell you the truth, sumpah penuh sesak dengan manusia kat sana. I don't know la how the response is going to be for this match, but of course lagi meriah la kan? Makin penuh sesak la nampaknya~

Our school authorities are now considering the offer, they need to think about the students and of course, the fasting month la. Takkan la bulan yang penuh dengan barakah ni tak nak utilise properly?

But then, neither does the probability that the chance will come again for a while too. So sekarang ni, pening jugak la nak bagi mana satu. Boleh ke tak boleh eh?

The whole purpose of me writing this is not really about boleh ke tak boleh. As a matter of fact, Bestarians, if you are reading this, I'm asking you to think twice.

Why, you say? Well, it's kind of unusual that we, 'citizens' of a religious school, famously well known in the whole of Selangor state, got that kind of an offer. It's like, tiba2 je kan? Don't deny the fact, you know it.

Masa umat islam buat solat terawih, kita kat sana cheering for the teams. Kan dah jadi satu hal, solat terawih kena tinggal. Memang la sunat muakad, but rugi la. Ramadhan datang sekali je setahun. We're not sure whether we're going to be there for it next year.

Even worse, sampai2 stadium, people will probably look at us and then tanya, "Sekolah ape ni dik?"
Tengok lencana dah tahu. And then, mula la orang mengata, "Apa la, sekolah agama, tapi tengok bola, sanggup tinggalkan solat terawih. Ramai2 lak tu."

Ok, maybe it doesn't have any effect on us students. But if we see it on a larger perspective, mana la tau masa pilihan raya nanti, parti2 lain mula la bagi hujah2 macam "budak sekolah agama sanggup tengok bola, tinggalkan solat terawih." Just for the sole purpose of nak hentam PAS kaw2 punya. Kebarangkalian tetap ada kan?

See? These kind of things cannot be unseen. Betul tak? Tak terfikir ke ada udang di sebalik mee? It's possible that there's a hidden meaning behind everything, correct?

So yeah, think wisely la. Even if it's only for a day, are we really dumb enough to just let the day go on its own just like that? Remember, even amalan sunat boleh dapat pahala macam buat amalan wajib. Hatta tidur pun dah dapat pahala.

Again, this is just based on my perspective on how this thing actually corresponds to our daily lives. Everyone is free to give their own opinions. It's a free country, what'd you expect?

Oh yeah, for the rest of the muslims all around the world (khususnya penghuni SAMBESTARI, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia), I'd like to take this chance to wish all of you Happy Fasting. Let's hope that Ramadhan this year will be better than last year's.

Renung-renungkanlah dan selamat beramal :)

Credits to Ariff Abdul Latiff. I like the way how he thinks.