School Iz Far From End, And The Epic Struggle Iz Far From Over.

My two weeks vacation is nearly over, and school's starting pretty soon.

Despite the worries of starting a new semester (which involves me fidgeting nearly every second whenever I thought about it), I'm proud to say that I'll be ready when that time comes. Guess what? I actually managed to get something useful during this holiday. Apart from all those never ending tuitions, a few things had happened which is proven to be quite beneficial for me after this, should I choose to think about it and bring some changes to the epic story of my life.

How should I say it, eh? Maybe I'll start by splitting these 'happenings' into its individual explanations.

1. My close friends have changed. Really changed. 
No, I don't really change friends. The fact that they changed their behavior almost got me mind-blowed. Call me over-reacting, but that's exactly what I'm feeling when I'm around them. For nearly 7 years of friendship. I've known them to be quite less-knowledgeable about our religion and they couldn't care less about it. Or so I thought. Recently, I got to see their faces at a very unexpected place, the mosque. Yes, they're actually spending their time at the mosque, wearing kopiah and jubah, looking exactly like a Hafiz. I dont believe what I'm seeing. But after chit-chatting with them for a while, I finally knew that they've really changed for the better good, something even I as a student from religious school was not capable of doing until this day, no matter how hard I tried. They really deserved my respect after all. Now it's time for me to make a change. If they can, why can't I?

2. My mind has been opened to the point of I can openly discuss things that are usually shunned by locals.
Being a Malay with a bit of a Chinese heritage, discussing or saying anything about sex *cough* social problems *cough* gender issues *cough* is considered a taboo among us. However, this is the main factor why most Malays can't go forward and eventually achieve the 2020 status. Most of the Malays are extremely narrow-minded when it comes to discussing about these problems. Say that I'm wrong, I can prove to you that a lot of girls in my school tried their best to avoid saying anything about this topic. Once, I went to my tuition class and the Indian teacher starts asking me a lot of things regarding religious issues and stuffs that usually happened in a boarding school. Once more, my debating adrenaline began to pump up vigorously and I discussed with him for hours until we're both satisified. During that time, I begin to feel more open about these topics. I also noticed that using vulgar words in a conversation/discussion means that you're clearly persistent in your speech, in hopes that the person who you're talking to will understand that you actually meant business. So there's no harm in that, except if you used them words for cursing of course. So people in my school, if you hear me say 'dafuq' or something like that during arguing, you'll eventually understand.  

3. I'm finally greatful that I took a certain subject, and that I'm lucky because not anyone can get this kind of oppurtunity.

I'm well known as someone who could hold his own in terms of handling their verbal communications and writing very well when it comes to learning English. But, there's a downside to this. I may be good in terms of language, but there's a certain language that I shun quite all the time, Arabics. I know, it's bad. Because it's the language of the Prophet and the Holy Quran. It's not like I hate it, I find it really hard to learn. But recently, a friend of mine expressed her interests and desires to learn the language. She envied me because I have the advantage of staying in a religious boarding school and having to learn Arabics since primary. Little by little, I began to feel regret for what I've done. I realised that not all people can be so lucky, and sometimes people don't get the chance for what they truly deserved. And then, people like me wields that chance like a permanent weapon stuck to the body but refused to use it. Life can be quite suckish sometimes. Seeing her desire, I've sworn that I'll master the language, be it for the sake of SPM, or to continue using it for later life.

So, I think that's enough blurbs for one night. And it's been rather chilly for me as I stared at the laptop while my fingers danced on the keyboard. But I don't really know when I'm gonna get a chance like this again. With a new determination and spirit, I will continue my life there after this with a newly reborn perspective about a lot of things. With this in mind, I'll surely strive forward and harder in order to achieve 11A+, thus giving a fine present to my parents in the process. I'll have to be ready for the upcoming Trials.

Fingers Crossed.



Hikmah disebalik Hari Lahir :)

Assalamualaikum semua :D

Semalam hari lahir aku. Hehe

Kalau korang tengok kat atas tu, tu sebenarnya bukan bilangan sebenar.

Sebab ada je yang wish kat chat, message, etc.

Thanks kt sesape yang wish :P

Tapi disebalik kegembiraan menyambut hari lahir,

Aku teringat kepada Yang Maha Esa.

Yang telah memberiku hidup selama ini.


Sempena hari lahir ini
Ku sujud syukur padaMU
Kerana masih memanjangkan usiaku ini
Sedangkan kematian itu semakin menghampiriku


Ku pohon padaMu
Dengan bertambahnya usiaku ini
Janganlah ku lalai dari mengingatiMu
Sedangkan dikau tidak pernah melupakanku


Ku tahu ENGKAU sentiasa menyayangiku
Sebab itu diriku selalu diduga olehMu


Andai ini usiaku yang terakhir
Terimalah taubatku, ibadatku dan amalanku ini 


Syukurku dengan hadiah yang kau berikan ini.
Kau berikanlah aku ketabahan dalam mengharungi cabaran dalam menuntut ilmu
Agar aku memperolehi kejayaan yang diidamkan.
Serta dapat menggembirakan ibubapaku dan guruku.